Betor Gas 35 Fork

This 35mm Super Sport GAS fork is the most versatile model in the range. For Road or Track it is the choice of dirt trackers and road racers alike. Super high performance fork it`s true, but works great in low stress road or off road applications as well. It is fully adjustable and will accept a wide range of front brake set-ups too. From dual disc to drum, or no brake at all, this fork will perform like a pro. It`s 32" length and 5.125" between fork lower stanchions, it will accept wide wheel assemblies This fork features: Schrader valves to apply air pressure up to 7psi capacity, Avional Handle bar clamps, Forged Avional triple trees, "Quick Change" spindle (stem), Chrome Molybendum fork assembly, Dual fork tube seals, Custom tuned dampening vlaves, High Strength alloy fork lower legs, Triangulated leading lip dust boots, and many more exciting features. A perfect replacement for older British/European & Japanese bikes. We can supply stem and axle kits to fit most popular Triumph/BSA models. This fork can be easily fitted to Norton Commando. The best choice for hot street cafe bikes using off the shelf trick brake set-ups. Limited Supply! Order Now!