Betor Trial 35 Ultra Fork

This ultra-light, 35mm fork is the perfect choice for vintage trails competition or the serious vintage enthusiast. It features: Integral handle bar perches, flush alloy fork cap nuts, Q.C. super spindle (stem), Forged Avional crown assembly, Arched lower crown to alloy for 21 inch front wheel, chrome molybendum fork assembly, dual fork seals, custom tuned valves, High strength alloy lower legsg, Triangulated leading lip dust boots, plus many more competitve features. This is the same fork used on many top brank machines. It`s bolt on to vintage Bultaco models. Betor ultra offers you the leading axle feature that provides proper geometry for slow speed "foot on pegs" manuvering needed to perform like a pro. The fork tune to lower leg "Blueprint" fit auures you of glass smooth performance. Stem and axle kits are available to fit some popular Triumph/BSA models. Limited Supply! Get yours today.