Greg Nichols

Britech, New England is proud to have Greg Nichols as the man on our bikes! Anyone who has seen Greg in action will never forget it. Only once in a great while does a rider with the natural talents that Greg has comes along. Don`t miss an oppourtunity to see him in action. Check our race schedule for your next chance!

Greg Nichols on Britech Titan 750cc Road Racer - Greg Nichols Act 2002 at NHIS "Frontier Land" for the 2003 Daytona race prep. Greg and his bike had done well at the last race event of that season at NHIS just weeks before, registering 2 wins and a second place without trouble; dominating the Super Vintage and Open GP classes, clinching the Open GP title. He did very well on the BSA Goldstar too. With an overall win in the pre-1965 class starting from back of the grid as the only entry in the pre-1950 class. He actually lapped some of the back markers twice on a rigid frame 1949 BSA.

The Britech Titan 750 in the paddock at Daytona USA the following March, 2003. Greg raced in BEARS. Greag got a great start from the 6th row out in 4th place behind the leader: #1 Mike Murray, class champ! Nichols worked his way up to 2nd place to take the lead after Murray crashed on the 3rd lap. Understand, these guys were racing in 3 inches or standing water!! Nichols built a third of the track lead over 2nd place rider, Bob Goodpaster by lap #8. That`s about 1.4 miles! Then Greg lost a spark plug on the east banking and coasted to the pit out to complete 9 of ten laps to finish 8th. Video of our race week at Daytona 2003, in fact the entire 2003 season, is available on request.

Greg Nichols enjoys "sweet victory" after winning BOT F1 on the "Big 916". Greg finished the week with a First in BOT F1, 2nd in the Class C, and 3rd in Premere 500, and 8th in BEARS! A great success and we look forward to 2004. At Daytona 2004 Bike Week Greg was set for 6 races on 6 Bikes from Class "C" BSA Gold to F1 BOT On a 748 Ducati. Well as it turned out is Greg won Race #2 BOT F1 on the 748 Ducati by 10 seconds at the finish. In race #12 SOT Greg took his grid spot and at the exit of the west banking running in 4th place got hit from behind by rider Bruce Krummel N.M. @ 150mhp drove through Greg`s left hand,landing Greg in hospital for the rest of the week. His new 748 was destroyed. A Film is available from Britech "The Greg Nichols Story" This is a film that tell his story best. ORDER YOURS TODAY!