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Aerospace Coatings for Classic Bikes

The Britech coating system is a product of the aerospace industry. There are three different types of coatings - All three make good looking, low maintenance, and better running engines:

'CeramiTech' Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) is a ceramic aluminum matrix that was developed originally for the Space Shuttle and jet engine applications. The thermal barrier properties of this coating makes it ideal for the internal engine parts of any motor. It simply does not allow heat to pass through it. The automotive applications include: valve faces, piston crowns, combustion chambers/gas path, head pipes, etc. This coating keeps these parts protected from thermal fatigue, distortion, and carbon build-up.

'LubraTech' Solid Dry Film (SDF) is a favorite, as the applications seem endless. It is a Graphite Matrix (Poly Moly or Moly) as it is called. It is a permanent dry lubricant that is applied dry and baked into the surface of the metal. It too was originally developed for the Space Shuttle and, which satellite applications. It attacks and holds oil, which makes it super slippery. That property makes it the perfect coating to reduce friction and friction generated heat. Applications include: valve stems, rocker shafts, piston skirts, etc. SDF used in tandem with TBC, gives you reduced friction, thus less heat, and Thermal Barrier protection. This protection uses combustion heat to actually help your engine run better, by containing and directing heat away from your engine. If the inside of your head-pipe is coated with TBC as wll, the exiting hot gasses stay hot all the way to the muffler, creating increased scavenge velocity, and more power.

'AlumiTech' High Temperature Coating (HTC) is an aluminum matrix that disperses heat. It acts like an aluminum heat sink, drawing heat away from your castings (head, barrel, etc.). It withstands extreme high temperatures, and has tremendous anti-oxidation properties. It's used to beautify and protect, as well as disperse heat.