Dear Fellow Triumph Enthusiasts:

Triumph Day 2004 has been postponed indefinitely due to lack of funding. Triumph Day 2003 was completely flooded. We had a terrible time to keep the show going. There was 4 inches of standing water on the field. We did it though; the show went on inside the pavilion! The soaked group of about 125 souls had a great time. Jim Hall from Woodstock, NH won the bike. Jim has been coming since the beginning. I was proud to give him the bike. He reports that it's very nice and runs great. He's a deserving winner. Congrats Jim!!

It wasn't since 1987 that we had such a bad storm. The 2001 event was also rained on pretty good and we lost about $10,000 that year. Last year we took a hit for $25,000. We felt so bad we didn't even charge our sponsors for the trophies and ads in the program. Triumph Day was among most of the 2004 events to be just DROWNED. Daytona the British meet in Auburn every major event rained out completely. The attendance at all the events was dismal. Only 150 people showed up Triumph Day. Thank God we had a decent day Saturday or we'd have lost it all.

It costs about $30,000 to put on Triumph Day. My wonderful wife Patty and I started this event 20 years ago on a shoestring. The very first "Door Prize" was a NEW 1983 Triumph TXS. Back then there was only the "British Meet". We wanted to have a two day camping meet with music and excitement. Back then we (the Triumph people) were all starved for attention. Nobody cared about what we were doing. Just the hard core Triumph people, who by the way, are still here. Only death could keep them away. Believe it or not many of those who run events today weren't interested in helping us with Triumph Day in 1984. "Why do you want to do that?" they asked. We did it because it needed doing! Patty and I did what we could to bring off the event alone. It became a great part of our lives. We worked on it all year. Every year it became more and more complex. My son Jaye has grown up at Triumph Day. It is a huge responsibility to my family and friends who make it happen. Although we never really tried to make money it grew into the largest Triumph event in the world. It became big because we ran it big. We had a great value at Triumph Day. You got your moneys worth that's for sure! People have fun when they come because it's special. It's TRIUMPH DAY! It's exciting and fun for everyone. We know we did the best job in the world you because you tell us that every time.

It started to get tough to make ends meet about 8 years back when the interest in old bikes began to fade. Our budget is huge with a "Door Prize" that can cost in excess of $5000. More and more meets for vintage bikes everywhere cut into the market. Along with that came the Internet. No longer did folks have to meet face to face to exchange parts or bikes etc. Triumph Day had to change. It was like the bikes it pays honor to: obsolete. So, change is good and we will change. We just don't have the money right now. It will take at least $10,000 seed money to get going again.

By the way if you bought a 2004 20th issue PIN the pin guy screwed up twice and has finally got it together and we should have them soon. Thank you for your understanding. We have you on a list and you will be among the 200 people who get pins. The rarest of all pins other than 1986. That year we had 4000 people jam the event; our 2nd largest attendance ever.

In addition to the funding we must find a new location, as the old site is no longer workable. The field is sinking into the pond, there are mosquitoes galore. It's bad. The place is run down and it's time to move on. Triumph Day was always such a good time because of its' great value to the person attending, and we can't imagine it any other way. We are going to try to find a venue and a way to set a feasible cost and value to attract the people it needs to be successful once again. To do so it must be fun, entertaining, and exciting to attend; and this my friends cost money. Believe me, I know a little about this! Patty, Jaye Jr., & I, plus all our family and friends would like to thank you all for your support over the last 20 years. We look forward to seeing you all @ the next Triumph Day.

- Jaye Strait

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